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The Dark Sky Viewing Area Experience
Posted Thursday August 22, 2013 4:30 PM - Nicole

Just 35 minutes outside of Napanee is the exquisite location of the dark sky viewing area. This is one of the darkest skies in southerly Ontario. There is paved area so you can enjoy the night sky by setting up a lawn chair or a telescope, and it is also includes unique sitting benches. This attraction is surrounded by trees, various plants and a trail that leads down to Melon Lake. There is an informal boat launch, which would be perfect to go canoeing and kayaking.

Although we visited this area in the daytime it was still an enjoyable experience. You could make a day trip to this area – go canoeing during the day, have a picnic on one of the vacant islands, then enjoy the stars at night.

Before Nicky, Tourism Student, and I visit this area next time, we will have to make sure to bring bug spray! Bugs seemed to swarm around us everywhere we walked!

Last Updated Wednesday August 21, 2013 9:25 AM - Nicole
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Greater Napanee Tourism Survey Results
Posted Tuesday August 13, 2013 3:30 PM - Nicole

As I began writing the Greater Napanee tourism plan I faced a challenge. I didn’t know the tourism market for Greater Napanee (characteristics of who is travelling to Napanee). I thought it would be a good idea to ask the communities directly to gather this information. So I created a digital survey and posted it on Greater Napanee’s Facebook and Twitter. This survey consisted of 10 simple questions and I got over 40 responses!

From the results I gathered that the majority of Greater Napanee residents have family that come to Napanee, half of them coming from different parts of Ontario. I also observed that these family members were visiting for the purpose of family gatherings or other recreational activities. I feel that almost all family that visit Greater Napanee for the purpose of family gatherings are also looking for something more to do during their stay such as shopping.

The results also suggested that slightly over half of Greater Napanee residents say they have met a tourist visiting Napanee, majority of tourists visiting from Ontario and International areas. In addition, these tourists visit for the purpose of recreational activities.

I also conducted from the survey that there are many challenges Greater Napanee residents have taken notice to. Some of the challenges are the following:

  • Unique/must see/not enough diversity
  • Most of downtown shuts down at 5 PM
  • Minimal advertising and low community involvement in local events
  • Not a lot of signage
  • Park needs a revamp, need a pool addition, and more to do for young children
  • Need night life and entertainment options
  • Not a lot to do around Napanee (recreation)
  • Competing with Kingston and events
  • Website not organized
  • No public transportation
  • More recreational such as a pool
  • Lack of imagination, funding, interest
  • Lack of events to attract people for longer than an afternoon
  • Renovations of museum
  • No large hotel with amenities
  • Keeping the town clean
  • Water access near the Napanee boat launch (restaurant conflicting access)
  • No festivals, art, or “real” marina
  • No large attraction to generate large revenue

Furthermore, I noticed that many people do not know where to look for tourism information such as brochures. Some people that have found this information concur that the tourism brochures being distributed around Greater Napanee are useful.

Overall, this survey gave me a rough idea of who is coming to Greater Napanee and for what purpose. Not everyone takes the time to answer a survey and disregard it. If more people completed the survey the results would be more reliable.

Last Updated Tuesday August 13, 2013 4:05 PM - Nicole
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